Triple Pane Windows

Replacement Triple Pane Windows from TrustMark Windows Powered by Window Depot USA are the epitome of energy efficiency, sound reduction, and condensation resistance. These high-performance windows are made with three panes of glass rather than just two for maximum benefit. Our Triple Pane Replacement Windows utilize industry-leading technology and are carefully manufactured so you can enjoy the many advantages of this amazing product.

What Are Triple Pane Windows?

To understand the benefits of Triple Pane, we must first understand the INSULATED GLASS UNIT. Insulated Glass Units secure two or three panes of glass together into an airtight unit, utilizing SPACERS to hold the panes apart and seal them together at the same time. The other elements of an IG unit include Low-E coatings on the surfaces of the glass (to block certain IR and UV rays), and various INERT GASES (which are better insulators than air) used to fill the inside of the unit.

Collectively, this combination of glass panes, Low-E coatings, gas fills, and spacers make up the Insulated Glass Unit. An “IG” is also sometimes referred to as a “glass package”.

The IG unit in a window is the equivalent to the engine in a car. There are engines of different sizes, different horsepower, and different efficiencies. We all know that your engine can make ALL the difference in how your car runs, performs and lasts. The right IG is critical to the performance, energy-efficiency, and comfort that your new windows will provide.

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Dual Pane Vs. Triple Pane

In all of the windows that TrustMark Windows Powered by Window Depot USA sells…the glass has at least TWO panes. Putting two panes of glass inside of one window is referred to as ‘dual pane’, and is sometimes called ‘thermal-pane’.

These two panes of glass provide an extra barrier to heat loss (or gain) during the heating and cooling months of the year. The two panes of glass, plus the airspace between…is what allows for improved insulation.

Then when Low E coatings and specialized gas fills like Argon are incorporated…we have what we call an Insulated Glass Unit.  This is why we say that the IG is essentially the engine of the window.

As amazing as dual pane windows are, there is a ‘next level’ energy saving technology, and that is Triple Pane. As you might expect…this means that a THIRD layer of glass is incorporated into the Insulated Glass Unit. But while this may sound simple, the effects are drastic!

Why Don't The Other Guys Talk About Triple Pane Windows?

Have you ever wondered why most other companies rarely, if ever, mention Triple Pane replacement windows? Pretty odd considering that Triple Pane windows utilize industry-leading technology to create maximum energy efficiency. Is it merely a case of them not understanding the technology? Maybe they just don’t have access to this top-notch product line? Or perhaps their Triple Pane prices are so ridiculously high, that they don’t even bother informing you about the benefits?

The answer is: all of the above! You know what they say: ignorance is bliss! Well, not for you it isn’t! Find out exactly what our competitors have been desperately trying to keep you from learning!


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